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Hello my little and big fans of strawberries

To you our website seems strange. But what is the name of the website.
Once you got here, maybe you like SPARCO mud flaps, xenon 20000000к and huge old braid on the steering wheel. But tuning it is different.But not the whole farm is equally useful for your car.We will teach you the correct tuning machine.Show the coolest cars in our farm.

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Elsa Online

At the moment ElsaWeb from Colhon has no analogues in the world.It is completely free and requires no registration.So don"t come crying to me if something is not working.

Gearbox VAG

In this section you can see the characteristics of different gearboxes from VAG group.

Selection of brake discs

The most complete database of brake discs online. Now you can choose the right brake discs for your Lada Pamada.
Selection of brake discs


Автомобильная полиция нравов.

  • Dump-calculator

    Unique calculator dashboard Audi A6C4 from Besmas and ANTICHITER

  • Online Drag Racing

    Do you like speed? Then welcome to our game, where you"ll find dozens of real cars with real performance.
    Online Drag Racing

  • Fitting discs

    Online fitting classic discs for classic vehicles.
    Online fitting room for drives

  • Calculator PPC

    Convenient visual calculator to calculate gear ratios transmission
    Calculator PPC


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