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VIN decoding for VAG cars

VIN decoding for VAG cars

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  1. ETKA Online
  2. The service is available only for owners of a paid subscription. Subscribe to
  3. This service is designed to decrypt the VIN numbers of the VAG group.
  4. Sometimes decryption can take a while.
  5. It is not always possible to decipher the cars assembled in Russia.
  6. The server currently has a limited number of decryptions per day.
  7. If you want to decrypt a lot of VIN numbers, or if you want to decrypt VIN numbers in your ETKA, write to me at We will agree on the price.
  8. The service does not work with cars older than 93. But there is a small chance of decrypting a 1991, 1992 car.
  9. You can decrypt PR codes separately here
  10. If you are interested in how it works, then you can enter a test VIN WAUZZZ4AZRN049144
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