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Hey! This is Elsa-Web, or ElsaOnline. Free analogue of ElsaWin software versions 3.0-6.0 for cars:

Sections available:

Flow Diagrams - Wiring diagrams for all vehicle systems
Workshop Manual - the main section on repair and diagnostics - the location of identification data, features of the device of individual mechanisms, standards for various parameters (volumes of refueling tanks, wheel alignment angles, etc.), diagnostic and repair equipment used, a description of assembly, disassembly, repair and diagnostics, information on the location of components and mechanisms, etc. Specifically for the diagnostician, the following information is contained: the location of the diagnostic connector, detailed tables of decoding of trouble codes indicating the possible causes of the malfunction, symptoms, as well as the sequence of checks to eliminate the malfunction, a description of the content of the readable blocks of current parameters with indication of standard values , work with adaptation channels, etc.
Body Repair - Description of body work, recommendations for the repair of individual body parts, body dimensions, etc.
Maintenance Manual - Description of service intervals and the content of service work with a breakdown by vehicle systems. For each type of service work, the required special equipment is indicated. Standards are given, as well as methods for checking certain parameters. All work is illustrated with high-quality illustrations.

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Аноним: p
zenon valdez: Confort control module 1j0 959 799 AH. Diagram
hedi: bjr je cherche a acheter les bande d obturation ref a94-10788 et a94-10849..ou???
Jose Vicente quinchiguango : Muchos saludos a todos
Polo: I need a part number for a rubber gasket that the electrical wireing for the dashboard. The one that goes through the fire-wall
Marco Walter: Have you updated the database? There is no image any more to the intake on the assembly overview page with all torque. Check link
Stefan: Hello, i need auto data for Audi 1.9tdi 2003, timing belt, thank you
Alfonso: Necesito el manual para la sustitución de un volante motor bimasa y embrague de Seat León 1p1 (mk2) 2007 1.9tdi BXE.
mariusz: Gearbox/differential a4 b8 avant quattro kbz 09r cdnc
Severiano Aguirre: Best regards
Станислав: Hello. I need a repair diagram for the main pair of Skoda Yeti 1.8, 2016 with bearing numbers
alex kostin: I need a diagram of all sensors. audi motor cduc
gabriel: Why don't I see the diagrams?
Аноним: based
Аноним: i love to shit my pants and then lick it up
Аноним: b
base-01: A
base-01: A
Алексей: Where did the Russian language go? There was a Russian language on Passat CC 2011, now it is not
Сергей: Please help, brake pad wear sensors, how are they connected to each other? On the diagram, they end without a connection 31,30,33,32,35,34
Alex: Hi! I would like to ask you for some help regarding a vw touran 1t3, 1.6 tdi, CAYC, fuses,relays and wiring diagram! Thank you very much!
jose gonzalez Montes: Hello, I need to buy all the wiring for the xenon headlights of a golf gti tdi special edition. Somewhere where I could get them.
Eduardo Javier: Information of the code 05709 and 05710 of Volskwagen Bora 2010, 2.5 lts
alegator: I will be glad to cooperate with you.
евгений кузьмин: there are instructions for the dsg gearbox
abdellaGaber: vw
Nico Josea: Workshop manual for VW 2005 BKD 2.0 TDI
Слава: I didn’t see the T5, as well as the cargo platform ..
твой папка: kuku epta
Evgenii: Please give access to wiring diagrams vas 6418
Thomas: Hello, what is the part number of the connector T18f? Thanks in advance... LG Thomas
Rob: Question, would like to completely remove cornering lights, so replace AFS control unit with LWR control unit. Now the question how I have to change the pin assignment???
Per Renlund: How I can log in?
Hans >>meier: WETST
tom: Hello, super great site, unfortunately I can't find the assembly of the bearing frame for the 2.0tfsi on an audi a4 b7
loubens claude: hello, can you give me the conical distance of box t3 vwtransporteur ??? thank you for answer cdt (for an old gentleman of 80 years old former mecanicien.cdt
ussain sehli sahli: hello, I need to know the power pins of the airbag control unit for audi a4 b8 I have checked between the red and the ground and I only have 7.45 and when I remove the control unit I measure and it gives me 0v, can you tell me where the control unit is powered from? , Thank you
MOST: thank you for giving me access to the electrical diagrams
Günter: Is there a wiring diagram for installing aux on the Seat Leon 5F
carlo : Good evening, I would like to know the service of my car chassis n WAUZZZGA3JA067314
willl: 2010 audi q5 CAEB need pcm wire diagram please
роман: how can i find softcoding abs from this car
vaccum system 2.8 apr: Hello, send me all data+photos for audi a6 c5 2.8 apr vaccum system,pls. BR,Piotr
Уваров Игорь: Of good! In the EBV automatic transmission, the front-wheel drive fell apart - the bearing in the differential, the shaft was damaged. You need to change the automatic transmission. Instead of an automatic transmission with the EBV marking, can you put an automatic transmission with a different marking?
german: I'm interested
Кирилл: The archive with the transmission is lost, information on it is needed.
Denis: Hi i need instructions about to repair V68 heater motor. Polo 9N
Vladimir: Huge thank you man! The information on the website was very helpful.
Erkki : How I can log in?
gide: super
Jose Silva: thanking the information that sometimes we do not have a budget to acquire the platform
petrov.vodkin.34: is the project alive?
ABDELKADER BOUYAHI: thank you for advance
Васил Радомиров: THANK YOU!
вал: what a divorce! Grandma threw and there are no schemes! In fact, they don't show up! reboot doesn't help
Валентин: no diagrams .reboot does not help
michel royer: how much should i tighten my distribution bolt and water pump on vw crafter 2011 thank you.
alberto: Hello
Juan: Thank you very much
Oleksii Dudka: please give me access to wiring diagrams
Tobyas: Check fan activation thermocontact
phillipe: very good
Аноним: well, damn it for sure) metropolitan tries
Humber: Great job! Have you a Happy New Year !!!
Ahmad Wees: hi
Ahmad: ok
yuriy: Thank you for your hard work. Great project. I hope that new information will be added as soon as possible. While trying to test. Thanks again. SUPER!!!
Sucuk : Vallah kriese
Roger: Want a child from you!
Belebcir Mounir: hey
Belebcir Mounir: hey
mounir: hey
guillermo hernandez balboa: TO REVIEW FAULT CODES
abdodyago: ABDO
abde lhakim: abdo
Darius : I need login and password
P1234: and
OK: thank you for advance
OK: thank you for advance
OK: thank you for advance
djji ram: Greetings
mohammed ali: hi sir this site is the best i have ever see
NESMON: Hello, how to order at which address?
Дмитрий: The information on earth points for vw 614 polo does not display all the pictures. Refreshing the page doesn't help.
uttam kamble: emage not open
артем: Please tell me how you can replace the QHX box with what letters
Horst: Thanks
Przemek: Hello, I do not know how to create an account on this site to be able to log in. I need a fog lamp diagram and a description for the electric box in the engine compartment and an additional one above the driver's legs. Regards
Аноним: Gifts, fuck!
C.Falke: Hello
M: Thanks
Антон: The site is not working, you will not see information here. some kind of paleonka and not a site.
Махота Евгений Александрович: what engine oil to use
binh: thanks
Владимир: Hello, A / M AUDI A4 B7 2.0TDI 2007, I want to change the multitronic to a manual gearbox on your site I found that two gearboxes were installed on my internal combustion engine (BPW), tell me how the manual transmission 01X with the letter designation HCF differs from JEM if they have the same gear ratios. And is it possible to put another gearbox with a higher torque for chipping an internal combustion engine up to 170hp? Or will these boxes last? Thanks.
hutaipali: Thanks
Bozkurt Motors: Hi
douadi: Greetings
Тимур: Good afternoon! You don't happen to have a diagram with tightening torques for automatic transmission aisin 09g KGV. We sort out the box, I want to do everything right
Trần Đăng Khoa: Yes, there is documentation for the 2015 Audi Q7 No about the airbag system
mario: I can't see the photos
Billy Jeteya: I want to register
Félix Martín-Monzú: Good Morning. I have an Audi A6 2.5 TDI 6 V registered in the year 2000, AUDI Type AFB 6/2496 cm3 engine (homologation *98/14/*0051. I want to know the equivalence of this engine with respect to the Euro 3, etc.) Can you provide me with this information? Thank you very much.
Aлексей: Good afternoon! If it's not difficult, check on ETKA what kind of oil to pour into the internal combustion engine now? WVGZZZ7LZ9D004533
Wojciech Kobylarski: I need login and password
АЛЕКСАНДР: Automatic transmission oil level control
janni: how do the camshafts have to be installed in the 2.0tfsi BWA
test: And
gerardo bravo: Hello
huynhmy: hello
Ramy Elrefaey: how to register to this website?
john: were i can purchase this support plate 353 and 309
Аноним: a
Mieczysława Misiaszek: How to get to the stepper motor, the left side to replace the Turan car, manufactured in 2003
khaledauto: Hi,
Othmane: I want to share
khalid: hi, how much is the annual subscription to elsawin
Леонид Гладков: Hello I can't find a Vw T5 car due to fault 7H Tell me where in which database are the minibuses
Valeri: nothing opens or appears at all.
Виктор: You have the installation of the intake manifold tightening torque and sequence Skoda Tour 1.6BFQ
vaz: position empty weight on rear axle
PEDRO GARRIDO RIVERO: How can I remove the rear belt on the right side of the yeta?
Robert: Thank You
sadek : toledo 2014 need meter diagram and air conditioning diagram. fuel gauge and outdoor temperature sensor not working. shows -15 oC
ranulfo sauceda: good afternoon I need electrical diagram of transporter engine 2016 diesel
JESUS: proof
mark: Where to buy elsawin repair service manual?
mark: where the fuse of the 2.5 TDI 132kw starter on the dashboard at km illuminates FUSE
dotaz: Where is the starter fuse on the A6 2.5 TDI 132 kw
SVM Code: 4h0614517c NEED SVM CODE
Юрий: cant find for polo sedan 2016
gawel.cs: elsa no images are not loading
antonio: Hello
Andrei: error P2404 cannot find the problem, audi ku 5 2.0 TFSI USA CAEB
Achif: Fabia
File request: Good day. Can I ask for the A5_029_4M0907397ad_LED_EU.flash and A5_039_4M0907397ad_LED_EU.flash files
Krystian: Looking for a fuse chemistry for vw golf 4 1.6 75kw BFQ, FDH 2003, sales 1J10D3.
abed qadah: wiring diagram for g65
BELOUADI: Hi, nowhere can I find information on replacing the clutch with
Martin: bye, anyone ECU Pinout to 1.9 TDi AFN engine code?
AYMAN: please were can i find the file snk.s.en-us
muhammad mughal: Do you have anything for the Audi S6 (2013)
ayman: i want the file
сергей: help with the selection of oil on the manual transmission 6 KNS
сергей: help with the selection of oil on the manual transmission 6 KNS
сергей: help with the selection of oil for manual transmission 6 KNS
сергей: box KNS
sukhbeer jangra: i have audi A4. when i scann ecuit show error that ecu is not installed in car. so i need ecu diagram with ecu wiring
Jose G. Marquez: Could it be that it is not included in your list because it is A3 8v 1.6 TDI 2017/3?
Jose G. Marquez: all in clear designation except traction type
ANDREAS: Hello with the brakes change discs and blocks what is the torque of the saddle holder and so?
Semen Shevchik: dq500
Semen Shevchik: Hi, nowhere can I find information on replacing the clutch with
Роман: Hi, we need data on the tightening torque of the bolts after replacing the pump injectors.
Lynn: Hello, I need all the repair manuals of SEAT, how can I get it
Spac marcel Cosmin: sharan computer
Грайр : Good day. Nuena infa on the replacement of the cylinder head AXQ Touareg
Роман: There is no VW Amarok in the list of models, in offline ELSA there are both Amarok and Crafter.
Аноним: Turkot Can't find information on Vw t6,
javier : Buenas tardes. First of all, thank you very much for your contribution. I have a 2011 altea xl cfhc engine and npf box and the illustration of the timing belt change does not appear. You can check it or it's never going to come out. Many thanks and greetings
sergio : Thank you
Turkot: Can't find information on Vw t5 t6, what to do
schwanz : It should not be a secret how to fix a 20 twenty year old car! Thank you guys for giving this opportunity
Chris: Most helpful, thank you!
Hugo: Thank you very much for uploading Toledo 1M. Fucking crack!
moha: hello I want to connect to elsawen
Николай: Good afternoon, did not find information about the Audi 100 1989 Quattro, KU engine. Maybe I'm doing something wrong
Китаев Роман: I threw it on the hosting. Please give access
darth vader: I threw it on the hosting. Please give access
victor manuel velazquez: Hello friend, I've been trying to get some information for 2 hours, but NOTHING
Carlos: about multivan 2.500cc 128kw
wolcar: elsawin acces
Hugo: Hi friend! I am looking for the instructions for disassembly the rear bumper of a seat Toledo 1m 1999 but the images are empty, could you upload them again Thank you bro!
Вячеслав: recommended synchronization of pv and kv on brt engine
Antonio: Hello and thank you for sharing, my question is about the official repair times, I am especially interested, in any case, thanks again, greetings.-
Vlad: Donation made, what's next, no information
oscar: how to use the elsaweb
mateusz: Is there no possibility to pay support you in euro or dollars
mario : Pictures don't load anymore, you can't see anything
Евгений : in the selection of a gearbox for a Golf 4 for an AUM 1.8T engine - FYL and GPD - automatic gearboxes, and not a manual, as you indicated. Even type 09AF
Александр: Good. Thank you for the great service, but for the A6 C4 97 onwards. no diagram opens. Writes picture not found
Иван: Hello. please register.
Weekend: Fantastic. How can I support this
андрей скворцов: how to use, registration is necessary, I can not find where to register
quyet: hello i want have acount in the elsa
James: Will ever be an eng version of VW database
Asdffg: Bbjbhh
Роман: The author is great. Thank. Found everything I need! those who know how to use Elsa will find information here. Rather, the schemes would appear
Сергей Александрович : Che for a topic For what And the possibilities of all this. thank
Tim: It would be nice if you could also print out the repair guides
Jacek: Hello. Once elsa runs, I wanted to look for a motometer pinout.
Аркадий: Thank you very much for ELSA! Good job!
Руслан: Hello. And when the database update is completed There will be something new
Виталий: I have an ancient Vw t4 from 1998. Donated 10 re. Enter all the parameters of the car, clicked OK and nothing Question
NECR0MANCER: Buy yourself a car instead of an Audi!
Андрей: Q7 Links to internal MMI chapters do not work. But I got a general idea on my question. Thank.
илья: works fucking, with super style! keep it up, I hope you will finish it on my nifiga no you have to download and install