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VAG gearboxes - Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat

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VAG gearboxes

This database contains information on gearboxes and gearboxes of the VAG company. The base, of course, is not complete, those who have a complete one are welcome.
If you, my friend, have information on boxes of other manufacturers - write to me by mail
I tried to make the interface intuitive, but it doesn't seem to work out very well

Clicking on this icon will show the models on which this gearbox or gearbox was installed, as well as extended information

При нажатии на эту иконку, можно будет посмотреть на какой скорости какие обороты, ну или наоборот. Также в окошке можно будет сравнить кпп с другой. Или с этой же, но например на другой резине.

Do not forget to disable unnecessary parameters in the "Search by gear ratios" block. If the search parameter for the 6th gear is turned on, then the 5th mortar simply will not be found!

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Suggestions, questions and wishes
Илья: a6 c5 allroad bau там стоит ГП 4,375, у Вас 4,11. поправьте на досуге
Аноним: сас каробку
Огнян Иванов: Взаимозаменяеми ли са FEK и DRV.Ще може ли безпроблемно да се монтира DRV на мястото на свалената FEK кутия?
Сергей: Кальк супер! Нужно только привыкнуть. Уже более 10 конструкторов собрано и проверено.
Ingvar: Hello, Question: I have a vw caddy 1,4 2002, transmission FFC, do you know wich other transmissions codes fits directly to the car? Ive heard code DCE and EQV might fit. do you know?
Cheetah: При выборе коробки FZL указаны не верные передаточные числа. Спасибо за сайт
андрей: Не хватает знаний в вопросе поиска и подбора
андрей: Добрый день, VW Lupo 1.4 Б, двигатель AUD, 2001г, может поможете найти короббку, чтобы не было 3000 об/мин на скорости 100 км/час, а хотя бы 2500 ?
Мони: Hello, I have an Audi quattro 80 2.6 with a CDV box, what do I need to change inside it to make it at least like AXC in length.
Алексей: Hello ogre respect for a super resource! there is another infa on the gear ratios of the 085 esy box, I myself drive on it 1.0 AUC at 100 km / h twists out to almost 4 thousand revolutions, and you show 2500 ... 5th gear there is 0.891, you have 0.74 on others did not compare , here is the link https // / l / 9536608 /
Павел: Put the engine 1Z 1.9 turbodiz. on Fols T-4 and which box is suitable for this engine, I don’t know my own is breathing, please tell me if it’s not difficult. Thanks for earlier.
ИВАН: Good day. I have a touran 1.9 diesel. There is a JYK checkpoint. I want to play with longer gears. the car was changed to 140 hp. Tell me which one to put. Thanks in advance.
Кирилл: Thanks for the resource. Manual transmission KCU and HYC are not correctly displayed gear. Well, we must provide that they have 2 main pairs.
EtherealDeath: FTG Korobas 4.375 has the main pair
TDIFIL: TYG is installed on Tiguan and K3 2012, rear axle on Caddy 2010
TDIFIL: Good afternoon, tell me if it is possible to combine the DQ500 TYG with the VW Caddy bridge for connecting all-wheel drive, it will not work, so the front wheels will rotate slower than the rear ones!
Илья: Hello! tell me on octavia 2001 1.8 turbo it is possible to put a manual transmission from a diesel 1.9
Аноним: Excellent site and base of the checkpoint. If there were still new manual transmissions in the database.
Ильнур: Good evening! Can you please tell me if it is possible to put instead of 6 tbsp. JJY manual transmission on the b6 Passat put 5 tbsp. Manual transmission. If possible, which model of manual transmission to choose. and what accessories are required for installation.
Евгений : Hello! I need help in selecting a manual transmission I have a Passat b5 1.8t aeb gearbox dhw and I want the transmissions to be long, for example, I have 5 at 3000 rpm. The speed is almost 120. And I would like 2500 rpm for example
Влад: And you can send the gear ratios of the CYA gearbox to the mail. And then the site here is not correct. I will be grateful
Евгений: modestly 200 rub, you are doing a good deed
Андрей: Can you please tell me on the Audi C4 whether the box will be from the 1992 AAS 2.4D engine. for the AAT 2.5 TDI engine of 1996
Sacha : I have a Passat b5 dv aev is it possible to put a manual transmission ehv
elbaro: Manual transmission FTJ Main gear 35/8 4.375
Евгений: how to find out a complete list of engines on which the DWH manual transmission was installed
иван: is the DHF gearbox suitable for the Audi c4 45 body 2.3 aar who knows tell me there was a gearbox axg /
Аноним: you can put a gearbox with long gears on the Audi 100 with 4 with a volume of 2.3 liters
Димитрий: I still do not understand what is the main pair of 5HP19.Everyone is the same or what It means CJU, CJW, DSS, DTU and others, which were put on A4 B5
Михаил: respect !!!
Дмитрий: Sorry, I saw the beads right after writing.
Дмитрий: And infa on beads t1, t2 is completely absent - this is an ideology, or hands have not reached If that
Олег : Tell me you can put instead of automatic transmission 5hp19 fam 5hp19 fax
Олег : Tell me what are the main transmissions of the fam and fax boxes
Александр: AXP gearbox, main gear - 4.11, 1st gear - 3.545, 2nd gear - 2.105, 3rd gear - 1.429, 4th gear - 1.029, 5th gear - 0.838, reverse gear - 3.500. Engines 2.0l / 74kw 2.0l / 85kw.
Роман: For CDV Box - clutch diameter, clutch diameter is not 228, but 240mm as for CAC, CDX, CDV, CBR
Роман: information on models found
Роман: in the selection of gearboxes, add the ability to choose for longitudinally and transversely located engines, ideally indicate which car model the gearbox was installed on
Влад: Box CYA, was recently 37/9 became 41/9 ... so how many
Сергей: How to find out the gear ratios of CDU and CRD boxes
Админ: Corrected
Дмитрий: Manual transmission CDV - the main pair 37/9 in the catalog. You have 41/9 written. Where is the truth
Dima: Thank you very much!
Админ: Of course not. After all, this is a motor model.
Chubaka: No BFH - g4 P32
Влад: respect
Владимир: No box with JPG code from VW Golf 5 1.4 tsi, please add.