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Online version of ElsaWin program with limited functionality. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED!


Hey! This is Elsa-Web, or ElsaOnline. Free analogue of ElsaWin software versions 3.0-6.0 for cars:

Sections available:

Flow Diagrams - Wiring diagrams for all vehicle systems
Workshop Manual - the main section on repair and diagnostics - the location of identification data, features of the device of individual mechanisms, standards for various parameters volumes of refueling tanks, wheel alignment angles, etc., diagnostic and repair equipment used, a description of assembly, disassembly, repair and diagnostics, information on the location of components and mechanisms, etc. Specifically for the diagnostician, the following information is contained the location of the diagnostic connector, detailed tables of decoding of the codes of malfunctions, indicating the possible causes of the malfunction, symptoms, as well as the sequence of checks to eliminate the malfunction, a description of the content of the readable blocks of current parameters with the indication of standard values , work with adaptation channels, etc.
Body Repair - Description of bodywork, recommendations for the repair of individual body parts, body dimensions, etc.
Maintenance Manual - Description of service intervals and maintenance work with a breakdown by vehicle systems. For each type of service work, the required special equipment is indicated. The standards are given, as well as methods for checking certain parameters. All work is illustrated with high-quality illustrations.

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