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Электро-велосипед Zhorick Revazov

Электро-велосипед Zhorick Revazov

DATACENTER ERROR!!! Внимание! Авария в датацентре!!

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Электро-велосипед Zhorick Revazov

.gal img {width:400px; } .gal p { width:400px; padding: 20px; float:left; border: 1px solid gray; border-radius: 20px; margin:5px; } Hello everyone! Some of you probably follow the Zhorick channel. Who doesn't know - Georgy made an electric bike and fell off it at a speed of 50 km. hour, incidentally breaking his arm. Complicated fracture with brain displacement Therefore, while Zhorick is licking his wounds, I suggest driving his bike 402 meters! Zhorick Revazov electric bike versus a real car!


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