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Audi 100. Zombie wants to live. 1 part.

Audi 100. Zombie wants to live. 1 part.

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Audi 100. Zombie wants to live. 1 part.

Open the fridge, take a beer from there, or just pour some tea. Sit comfortably. Brevity is not my talent's sister. How often have we said - When I have children, they will not behave like this? How often have we promised ourselves not to repeat this or that mistake? How often do we step on the same rake a hundred times in a row? A few years ago, I fired up the purchase of exactly the same car as my then Audi 100 2.0, which I drive to this day, but with minced meat (always with kondeem) and all-wheel drive. Well, so that she fell down properly. I then succumbed to the general direction of thinking - why put an air conditioner in my car, or God forbid, four-wheel drive? Better sell yours, buy ushatanny and restore. This is a weaving EPT. Throw in 5 thousand and it will be like new. Oh "hey guys, listened to smart people. It was not cheap, I bought a black 2.8 kwaku in almost the maximum for '91 configuration. She was on my knees, and a couple of years later I was kneeling in front of her and thought what would be better to do - chop with an ax or Just burn it? ”At the same time, the first year she somehow went. This was the case when something happens contrary to the laws of physics. Having sold it, I said to myself - enough old cars. If we buy a second car, it’s still something fresh, or even new. Although there is one caveat - the old WASTE cars will be enough. But how often have we said - When I have children, they will not behave like this? How often have we promised ourselves not to repeat this or that mistake? How often do we step on the same rake a hundred times in a row? After the last lesson, I made a conclusion of course. If you take a tub, you don’t have to drive far and don’t have to think that this is an old Audi that cannot break down on the way. And for a trip sideways - it will go from home for bread. So, exactly as much as I sold the black shit for, I bought the silver shit (the amount is really small). But if I sold the car in a state of standing with cancer, hugged from behind by instant karma, deeply sucking at the next life lesson, being very far from home. In this case, the seller did not stand with cancer, but simply did not begin to restore the car after the accident. The damage is decent, but it so happened that when recovering my 2.0 after an accident, a lot of unnecessary parts accumulated. The details are exactly what this wrecked car lacks. Also useful are a lot of details left over from the black 2.8. It saved me a lot of money. And when you have spare parts for half a car, why not buy the other half of the car?)))) Condition? Like most kw 2.8 - P # ZD $ C. That is, normal. Or, as they often say on sales sites - in full swing. And I characterize the condition of the bottom with one capacious word - quattrodnische. Color? Which element? Before the accident, each element was painted in its own unique shade of silver. We now have a red bumper, a green hood and a black fender. How best to write on the docks? Equipment? The package bundle is very rich. Among other things, there is a lot of fat (and there is really a lot of it), I will say only three words, after which the sotkovodov will automatically respect and love this car - RECARO, cruise, BOSE. For a while, while this shit does not drive, Sracaro put half-dead seats in its 2.0. I don't know how to put back, the back says that we need more recaro! Collective farm? Present. But he is very harmless and cute in the form of moronic covers, a sawed-down gearshift rod - so that he can fit a beautiful knob from the fret (as a result, the whole wings had to be changed) and other little things) Plans? Just like others. Restored to factory condition without spending a penny and sold to a collector at the price of a new Ferrari. I bought it in the summer. I didn't want to spread it. And then I thought - it's better to document it so that there is something to remember) Due to some circumstances, the recovery is not going as fast as we would like. But Nitsche, he will definitely go by next winter)) Well? Shall we give her a second (or 102) chance? I decided to post on our second channel the stages of the recovery of the zombies, as well as our garage crossovers. Subscribe in general) Well, by tradition, let's drive 402 meters? 402 meter check in Audi 100 2.8 VS Toyota LC 200


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