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Audi V8 - the flagship of Audi in the first half of the 90s

Audi V8 - the flagship of Audi in the first half of the 90s

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Audi V8 - the flagship of Audi in the first half of the 90s

.gal img {width:400px; } .gal p { width:400px; padding: 20px; float:left; border: 1px solid gray; border-radius: 20px; margin:5px; } Hello my little and big lovers of old and not so machines. I decided to start publishing a series of articles about interesting little cars. Somewhere I will use my old materials, and somewhere maybe even someone else's. In general, you understand that I will try !. Go! I already wrote this article. But two years have passed, I learned a lot and rode live on two excellent copies. Mishan, I dedicate this article to you and your Frau Akht. Today we will talk about the flagship of the German concern VAG of the late 80s and the first half of the 90s. Audi v8 What is audi v8? In German, the letter "V" sounds like "Fau" (remember V-2?). So this car is often called simply Fau. Fau akht. In the 80s, Audi began to quietly gnaw off the market from the then leaders of BMW and MB. But there was a gap in the S-Class segment. And audi decided to try themselves in this class. The world's first executive sedan with all-wheel drive! The platform received its own index - d11. This is by the way the smallest S-class sedan of its time. The car was produced from 89 to 94 and was the predecessor of the audi a8. Also, according to the tradition of the S-class, the LONG body (rare car) was produced. The name of the car speaks for itself - the engines were installed only in v8 and only with quattro all-wheel drive, although the bodies have factory mounts for the front-wheel drive suspension. To put it in a nutshell about the motor, the Germans took a couple of 16 valve engines from the VW GTI and made a V8 out of them)). The result is a PT 3.6 250 horse engine (with 2 distributors). I don't know when they started developing the engine, but we have a pallet for a v8 '87, which is 2 years before the start of sales, that is, they managed to run in the new engine very well. In the 90s, the 4.2 ABH 280 horses appeared with a crazy torque of 400 nm, which also went to the sporty Audi s4. And by the way, these engines are the progenitors of all v8 engines from the audi family. The engine was so successful that many of its parts were used in much more recent cars. For example, in a very angry audi s8 and ultrafast audi rs6 of the first generation! Initially, the car was equipped only with an automatic transmission. Then the mechanic arrived (bullet!). Audi v8 on mechanics is a very rare car and despite the great family and technical connection with the Audi 100, the FAU has its own unique cardan shaft and front axle shafts, which greatly complicates and increases the cost of repair in case of breakdown and negligence. Also, for the automatic versions of the Audi v8, there was its own generation of the quattro system. Namely, the rear gearbox with a torso. Something like a limited-slip differential. The perfect combination. They say that the behavior of this car is more like a rear-wheel drive. But such a gearbox really does not like shock loads, including abrupt starts from revolutions, the so-called quattro starts. Nevertheless, every owner of a cramp based on an old Audi seeks to get such a gearbox for his car, which in turn greatly increases the price of this not at all useless toy. I also note that such a gearbox without alterations becomes in any audi 100, as well as a6 of the first generation The equipment of the cars is very rich. But there were also homeless configurations with a velor interior with an ordinary stove (even without an air conditioner!). Although such disgusting was found even on the audi a8d2. Long versions were equipped with a BOSE noise reduction system and an electrically adjustable rear sofa. A DTM version was also released and even managed to participate in races, simultaneously raping everyone who got in her way. Despite the similarity of the design with the Audi 100, the FAU has the best finishing materials, not only in the cabin, but also in the trunk. Noise isolation is put in those places where you will not find it in the Audi 100. Although the bodies are generally the same. Many solutions were later used in the Audi A8. By the way, on the technical side, v8 very much resembles the sports versions of the audi 200 and audi s4, but with a greater emphasis on luxury. Unfortunately, the sales of the car, well, not that it failed, but this embodiment of technical excellence in metal was not appreciated. The car went unnoticed. Most of the brand's fans know about its existence. Well, you, my dear reader, if you haven't heard about her before, now you know) It seems that I can write about different old junk endlessly. By the way, I had a chance to talk live with such specimens, and which were all in excellent condition on the go. And one of them had a range of 90 thousand km. The run was in excellent condition. And plastic! It's like new everywhere! Even under the hood. The owners of the old buckets will understand me. And this sound and softness of the stroke? They are incomparable! In general, she is # enna. But I myself would not want such a car, Our cars are not getting younger, as well as FAU AHT. The pricing policy of the VAG concern is very unpleasant. And if the conversation is about some rare things, and this is a rather rare car, then you simply will not buy such things as headlights, fenders, bumpers and other new things. And the bu is like new on other machines. Demand creates ... In the meantime, these rare machines fall into the hands of patzans. Pasans kill these cars as soon as they can. The whole tire is different, the suspension is reduced in price to the maximum, the automatic transmission has a knob from a VAZ, the expansion plug is also from the gig. The thickness of very expensive brake discs is probably 1.5 mm. So you can still ride. Pods have long been from the classic Zhiguli. And it's better to just drown out the front brakes. After all, at the back there are quite large ventilated 269 mm brake discs. On the expensive hood, there is an Audi badge (ala Mercedes), but so that it does not fall off, we will screw it onto a self-tapping screw. But the Chinese square disks shine, well, the body is always clean. The main thing is that the guy's eye is happy. What am I doing? While we are here fap on these cool cars, other guys (by the way, more daring) kill them and restoration will cost oh, how not cheap. Wouldn't it be better, at the same cost, to immediately take something fresher and cooler? (I'm not talking about a fret for a grant for sports) Yes, it will also require up to $ nd money, because it was also used for slaughter. But I think that a8d2 or A6c5 (especially their restyles) will still be a cut above our c3, c4 and d11. Just don't need me now about the aluminum suspension and other delights of expensive maintenance. I'm talking about the pleasure and comfort of driving. And now I propose to play the heroine of our novel in racing! Chasing 402 meters? Who is faster? Audi v8 or legendary six hundredth Mercedes? It was always interesting to myself! 402 meter ride on Audi v8 4.2 VS Mercedes-Benz S600 (KABAN) 402 meter ride on freaky Audi v8 DTM How can you not love this charm? Especially on the BBS If you did not love her at first sight, then it is possible that she is simply not for you. The salon combinations were very different. I will show you several options. This one is completely black. Light bottom, black top Fully bright interior. Moreover, the steering wheel and door frames are in the interior colors. And this is an extended version. I cannot call its design laconic. By the way, there are mechanics. Boo seldom sold. Are expensive. Yes, even outside the long version for an amateur. But you can walk inside! If children are constantly staining the back of the front seat, then this car is definitely for you! Well, awesome, super-duper-fast audi v8 dtm! They lightened the car up to 1300 kg. And boosted 3.6 v8 to a very impressive 462 thoroughbred ponies. And, of course, well-deserved victories in the championships. 402 meter ride on freaky Audi v8 DTM And this is how the engine compartment looks like in the audi v8 dtm quattro.


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