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Audi 100 - cheap style

Audi 100 - cheap style

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Audi 100 - cheap style

3 weeks ago we got our hands on a full day Audi 100 1983. This day was very strange for our small provincial town. And residents could tell very strange stories: Two men bought condoms and gouache at 8 am. Some grown-up guy in shorts rode an 8-year bike around the city. Some painted Indian danced at the dismantling ... But it was only 10 o'clock in the morning ... During one of the "strange" events, the former owner of my red hundred square meters passed by. There was sympathy on his face. He is no longer the head physician and will not be able to arrange us in a good mental hospital. The sun was blazing hell. By noon we were already burnt like crabs in a saucepan. 13 hours of video footage. 2 weeks of installation. But it was worth it. Now about the car. Somehow it was not included in the video! The quality of workmanship, ergonomics, design, everything is up to par. And this was done 34 years ago! Something tells me that earlier c1, c2 are performed at the same level. Engine sound. Every motorist should hear this at least once in his life. What xy does the c4 have no tilt adjustment of the lower seat cushion (electric seats do not count)? And c3 has 83 years. c2, c3, c4 are generally very similar constructively and ideologically. It turns out that the Germans have been producing practically the same design for 20 years. VAZ is scolded for the release of ancient cars. And then what? Cars ahead of their time? Or such a good design? Well, whatever you say, she is awesome to this day. In our case, this is such a combat classic. This is not a museum piece or a weekend car. This is a car for every day. And the car is in style. despite some external flaws, the car is almost flawless in terms of technical aspects (1983!). And the bombed BORBET DESIGN A and neat understatement make the car very catchy in the stream. Magnet of attention and looks. Drive past the traffic cops and not be stopped? He waved his wand. I walked around twice. Then his partner walked around. "Why did you ruin the car?" - said the envy of the traffic cop aloud. Envy that he cannot drop his service basin and put on the same disks. The guy at the car wash could not resist and took a picture of the car. Photographing furtively, as if embarrassed by his feelings for a new love. And the people in the stream ... look at my car too. They drill holes in the arches with their expert views. On their faces there are grins and pre-vomiting grimaces. But this is different. The men look at her as if it is a chick with an awesome nut coming. They can't take their eyes off.


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