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УАЗ антигелик Кости AcademeG'а

УАЗ антигелик Кости AcademeG'а

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УАЗ антигелик Кости AcademeG'а

Hello everyone, today we will talk about a very interesting car. UAZ hunter with a motor from a rice truck! Engineers of toyota motors, developing a series of jz and uz engines, probably could not even imagine where their brainchild would go. And who knows, how the story would have turned if they knew that hundreds of maddening Gazelles with equally mad UZs under the hood would cut across dirty frosty Russia. The motors are so successful that they are stuck even in Audi, BMW and Subaru, although those and their successful motors have at least a booty. But all this is already boring. But how do you like the idea of ​​a UAZ with such an engine? A brick with 300 horses! And Kostya AcademeG managed to do it. True, the car is still rear-wheel drive with a welded differential. Well, nothing, I believe in him! By the way, a funny thing turned out. The native UAZ engine weighs about the same as the UZFE (about 170 kg), while having half the number of cylinders, three times less recoil. And because of this resource, the UAZ motor did not increase from this! UAZ is often called the Russian G-Wagon. And the Academician turned out to be a real antigelik! And while Konstantin is upsetting his next project, let's look at a virtual drag who will win. A real G-class against Antigelik! GO! Mercedes-Benz G500 vs AntiGelik Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG vs AntiGelik A regular helix can be tough for him. But there is still work to be done to the level of AMG. And still, the car shows amazing results!


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