Audi 100 - style deshmanu

Audi 100 - style deshmanu

3 weeks ago got our hands on a whole day of Audi 100 1983.

This day was very odd for our small town. And people could tell very strange stories:
Two men at 8 am, bought condoms and gouache.
Some old guy in shorts driving around the city on a bike for 8 yrs.
Some painted Indian dancing on disassembly...
But it was only 10 o"clock in the morning...
During one of the "strange" events drove past the former owner of my red weave. On his face was sympathy. He"s not a doctor and not be able to arrange in a good mental hospital.

The sun was beating down in hell. By noon we burn like the crabs in the pot. 13 hours of footage. 2 weeks of installation.
But it was worth it.

Now about the car. Some of it is not included in the video!
The quality of workmanship, ergonomics, design, all of this on top. And it was done 34 years ago!
Something tells me that the earlier C1,C2 is performed at the same level.

The sound of the engine. Should hear this at least once in the life of every motorist.

What the f have C4 no tilt adjustment of the lower seat cushion (electrosource does not count)? And C3 is 83 years old.

C2, C3, C4 are all very similar structurally and ideologically.
It turns out that the Germans 20 years produced almost the almost the same design.

VAZ won blamed for the release of the old machines.
And then what? Cars ahead of his time? Or such a successful design?
Well, whatever you say, she is awesome to this day.

In our case, this is a fighting classic. It"s not a Museum exhibit or a weekend car. This car on a every day.
And pimp style.
despite some superficial flaws, the car is practically flawless in those parts(1983!).
And bombeznaya BORBET DESIGN A neat and understatement make the machine very catchy flow.

A magnet of attention and views.

Past the cops to drive and not stop? He waved his wand. Two times come around. Then his partner walked.
"You why the car messed up?" — says out loud the envy of the policeman. Jealousy that he can"t their pelvis to drop and wear the same disochki.

The guy at the sink could not resist and took a picture of the car. Photographed furtively, as if ashamed of his feelings for new love.

And people in the stream... on my car too look. Drilled for its expert views, the holes in the arches. The faces smile and prebivanie faces.
But this is different. Men look at her like that chick with awesome nut goes. Straight eyes can not tear.


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